Meni - Lens UV55® - Monthly contact lens



New disposable contact lenses, stored in hyaluronic acid and pva. The synergy between natural component of Meni-lens UV55, such as Water, Hyaluronic acid, PVA and Glycerol, provide long-lasting comfort and wellness, ensuring the necessary water balance to the ocular surface.
The Hyaluronic acid and the Polyvinyl-alcohol enhance contact lens surfaces wetting ability, and therefore improve tear film stability and vision acuity.
Meni-lens UV55 contain an inhibitory agent which protect eyes from the dangerous UV rays. The aspheric geometry allow to significantly reduce optical aberration, the improved vision acuity optimize contrast, especially in limited brightness condition.


The material HEMA is a biocompatible material with reduced wetting angle, first step towards unproblematic and comfortable use of contact lenses.


1 pcs

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