Our principle at Pharmex SA is the improvement of the quality of life for people who use our products. This is achieved through the use of the best personal care products that we obtain and create for you.

It is our debt to create value for our clients, doctors and pharmacists.

Our goal is to maintain our strong position as a purely Greek Pharmaceutical Company and to be a trusted partner in the difficult work of doctors and pharmacists.


  • Partnerships - We operate in an international environment, through networks and coalitions
  • Integrity - We act systematically, based on honesty and ethics
  • Strength - Our staff is our driving force
  • Daring - We have an entrepreneurial spirit, we take risks and we create innovative products
  • Action - We are an independent Greek Pharmaceutical Company and we plan on remaining so
  • Passion - We have plotted a steady course and we vouch for our know-how and the quality of our products
  • Operation - We operate based on respect for Man
  • Corporate Responsibility - Our operation is based on respect for the environment and society
  • Quality Control - Quality and safety in health care are a primary factor in the way we operate