SCHALCON, Ιταλίας. Φακοί Επαφής.

Schalcon is the largest Italian company in the contact lens sector.

Founded in 1977, today its products are on sale and distributed in more than 3,000 sales outlets in Italy and in all the most technologically developed countries in Europe and throughout the world.

The secret of this rapid and constant growth lies in the high quality standards that Schalcon pursues in its production processes, in the levels of customer satisfaction and the trade marketing strategies. At Schalcon the process of growth and improvement is linked above all to the research activities, constantly aimed at developing new products in line with improvements in techniques and materials.

Our attention to innovation is the driving force behind the progress at Schalcon and represents a constant challenge for the corporate management, aimed at establishing privileged relations with all the groups with whom we interact:

• the scientific and research sector
• oculists
• dispensing opticians
• end-users